Board & Staff

Board of Trustees 2023-24

Erik Rasmussen

Erik Rasmussen

Vice President
Amanda Engquist DePhillips
Amanda DePhillips
Shannon Belland

Shannon Belland



Board Members

Shelley St. Marie Diffley

Andrew Douglass

Ann Gentry

Kim Gulli

Darin Johnson

J.J. Killins

Tony Paetznick

Rob Reetz

Kim Tamble

Nick Wold


Ex Officio

Mindy Handberg | Director of Community Partnerships, Mounds View Public Schools

Chris Lennox | Superintendent, Mounds View Public Schools

Emeriti Trustees

Kirsten Dawson

Dave Stimpson


Jon Ruzek | Director of Foundation Operations
[email protected] | 651-621-6095

Jennifer Getsay | Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

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Shelley St. Marie Diffley, MVSEF Board of Trustees, talks about her service on the board and the impact we can all make for our schools, children, and communities

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